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Agenda Edu

The most complete SuperApp for education in Brazil. It simplifies communication, engagement, and payments in a single integrated tool.

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Partner benefits

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    Simplify communication, engagement, and payments with an integrated tool. Access everything with one account, easy to use and deploy.

  • Quick deployment: Prepare your team and start using the SuperApp within 4 hours.

  • Fast and specialized support: Personalized service for schools, students, and guardians in less than 5 minutes.

  • Time savings for your school: Save up to 16 hours a week of your school team's work.

Multichannel Communication

Have all the conveniences of messaging apps, with all the customization and security your school needs.
Customize and organize communication by segmenting by units, grades, and classes.
Have professional and innovative customer service using AI and ticket management.
Integrate your school team and improve internal communication with customized groups.
Allow message viewing only for the channels the user participates in.

Digital Payments

Save time and financial peace of mind for your school to charge, receive, enroll, and sell with our Digital Payments.

Make life easier for families by accepting PIX, card, and boleto, receiving directly in your digital wallet.
Create school tuition plans and send them in a few clicks, saving your school team's work time.
End the lines at the secretary's office with digital enrollment through the app. From payment to contract signing, all online, effortlessly.
Create your school's virtual store and have a showcase for your offers, with payment directly in the app.
Make flexible deals and recover tuition debt, with tracking of original and negotiated charges.

Engagement Platform

Use tools designed to save time on daily school tasks, automating and customizing demands for effective engagement.
Create general or individual reports with double-check and result analysis.
Homework assignments sent to multiple classes or individually, delivered directly in the app. Confirm family participation and send reminders so no one misses the celebrations.
The best moments of the students recorded, with security and privacy, without occupying cell phone memory.
The routine of the students is recorded with batch sending to facilitate the school team's routine.

Meet Agenda Edu

Agenda Edu is a solution for digital engagement and payments for schools.


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