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Omni Engage + Omni Pay

Fully integrated and orchestrated Customer Engagement Platform for seamless interactions, effortless payments, and enhanced operational efficiency in the education sector

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Partner benefits

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    The combination of Omni Engage + Omni Pay for "basic recurring services" addresses unresolved issues overlooked by traditional payment solution providers, offering a holistic approach.

  • Reduction of bad debt and working capital.

  • Reduction of collection costs.

  • Improved Client Satisfaction (NPS).

Omni Engage

Omnichannel modules provide multiple interfaces for customer engagement, such as inbound (e.g., POS, web, mobile) and outbound (e.g., WhatsApp, email, chatbots) channels. At its core, the Omnichannel Orchestrator enables personalized journeys and segmentation, boosting campaign and collections efficiency. This approach guarantees a consistent and efficient customer experience across all platforms.
Omni Engage Education
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Multiple Payment Methods

Secure payment solution integrating Credit/Debit Card and Instant payment (PIX) with anti-fraud technology and a wallet feature for safe transactions.

  • Payment Gateway

  • Anti-Fraud Engine

  • PCI Wallet

  • Multi-Acquiring

  • Card Tokenization

  • Pix / Instant Payment

Recurrent Payments

The best recurrency engine on the market that boosts payment conversion, with an installment model (BNPL with no-cost for merchants) that directly reduces bad debt.
Proprietary system that maximizes payment retries, delivering superior conversion.
Automatic Credit Card change & Pix fall back
Automatic Credit Card update for stolen and expired cards through state-of-the-art tokenization.
Automatic stimulus to switch expired cards.
Automatic & integrated payment method fallback when everything else failed.
recurrent payments education
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Flexible Installments

Allows invoice payments in up to 24 installments with a service fee, enabling providers to offer this without additional collection costs, reducing bad debt and capital needs.


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