Mobile Scoring Solutions

Use alternative mobile data to achieve tangible results that positively impact your business!

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With Mobile Scoring, you can harness the full potential of mobile data to optimize risk management, improve risk scores, and perform precise customer segmentation. Our solution provides you with everything you need to make informed decisions and develop customized financial products, enhancing approval rates without increasing risk.



Why Bemobi

We process the historical data processed and stored by mobile operators of their users (calls, messages, payments, top-ups, etc.) and transform them into indicators and scores that are used by our clients.

  • We have access to data from over 102 million mobile users in Mexico, reaching more than 80% of the prepaid user base (users of 2 of the largest mobile operators in Mexico).

  • We accompany in the implementation of customized or generic solutions to achieve the greatest impact on the business.

  • We ensure that the use of data has been authorized by the end user in accordance with current privacy policy regulations.

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